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Frequently asked questions

Below are some key questions you might have about our service. If yours isn't listed please contact us.

  • Is there any limit to purchasing?There is no limit for genuine purchases. However, we may attempt verification of transaction after a single transaction of more than £200.
  • Can I use my bank card?At the moment your bank card will still do the payment but you have to log in to PAYPAL for better security.
  • Is there a pricing list?Any sound track is priced at £0.69. Any album is priced at £5.99. Any video clip is priced at £1.99.
  • Can blog chats and audio-visuals be uploaded here?Fortunately no. Only musical contents with Gospel, moral and Christian theme can be uploaded on our platform. However, the website owner reserves the unconditional right to determine what goes on the platform.
  • Do I need to sign a contract with HRCMUSIC?Fortunately no. Our terms and conditions of service constitute the basis of our collaboration with any persons or entities.
  • Can my music be in any language?We deem all languages dignified by nature so yes it can. Of course, we make effort in scrutinizing the message before approval.
  • Can HRCMUSIC undertake tax arrangements for artistes?Fortunately no. All artistes are obliged to make prior arrangements to cater for their tax obligations on any income obtained via HRCMUSIC.
  • What is the cost of advertising on your website?The current cost of advertising with us is £12 per year for which you get 1 minute of Advert time per hour. This costing is based on Ad banners. For video Adverts, it is £5 per month for Ads less than 21 seconds and £10 per month for Ads longer than 21 seconds. The maximum length is 4 minutes for video Ads. Video Ads should run at least 6 times a day.
  • How do I upload my music(album, tracks & videos) on HRCMUSIC website?Go to our website www.hrcmusic.com and click on the 'Artist Login' button at the top right corner. This will give you the option to 'Sign up'. Fill in the required details which include your name, email and create your password after which you should click the 'Register' button just below the form.

    After clicking the 'Register' button, you must then check your email inbox including 'Junk mail' folder to find a link sent by us. Click that link to complete your registration with HRCMUSIC.
    With your account set up with HRCMUSIC, you can now 'Log in' to your account where you 'create your profile' and upload your music tracks and videos pending approval.

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