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All customers (you, user/s, Artiste/s, clients, uploader, their representatives and your representatives) who navigate our website must agree to the terms and conditions of HRCMUSIC (we, our, us, our team, our companies, our linkages, our platforms, our website, our brand, our services, our team and our representatives) as follows:

  • HRCMUSIC reserves the unconditional right to alter the terms and conditions of service without prior notification
  • All customers must agree and acquaint themselves with the terms and conditions of service each and every time they browse our website
  • All customers must comply with local and international copyrights and intellectual property rules, laws and regulations when downloading content from our website. They shall not in any case violate the rights of artists, music labels, HRCMUSIC or the rights of any third parties in the process of downloading or purchasing products from HRCMUSIC nor thereafter.
  • All payments must be received before completion of transaction. All transactions requiring the use of payment cards must be handled directly by the account holder except in the case of customers using the legal rights of attorney bestowed on them by the account holder. HRCMUSIC and affiliate companies will not be liable for any loss incurred by customers as a result of accidental or deliberate misuse of their payment accounts by the clients, their representatives and third parties.
  • By navigating our website or using our services, you completely agree to all our terms and conditions without reservation. You or your representatives therefore will not hold us responsible for any losses or damages you or your representatives incur as a result of the function or malfunction of our website or its linkages.
  • All customers agree not to portray HRCMUSIC on any media without express written permission from us provided to you in reply to your written request. You agree to be liable to us if you conduct unauthorised advert/s of our logo, website or name which leads to defamatory or negative publicity of our service/business/brand.
  • You must not involve or instigate other persons to involve in any actions directly or indirectly harmful or derogatory to our website, companies and linkages. You will be liable for any such damages traced to you. You will read and agree to our terms of services and privacy policy before navigating our sites.
  • The only language for communication purposes with us is English.
  • Eighty percent (80%) of revenue from sales will be paid to the corresponding artistes or their official representatives who arrange the uploads of content on our website. After artistes/artiste’s official representatives achieve ten thousand transactions via our website they will be entitled to receive ninety percent (90%) of the revenue generated from their uploads from that moment onwards. HRCMUSIC reserves the full right to retain the balance of revenues after any sale.
  • Artistes and their official representatives are solely obliged to arrange and conform to any tax related requirements and regulations based on their geographical location or residence. This includes all arrangements for communication with any relevant tax authorities. If HRCMUSIC per adventure becomes involved in any tax related activities due to omission (deliberate or not) by you or your representatives, all expenditure from such activities will be deducted from subsequent sales or paid for by the artistes and their representatives.
  • The client/uploader must ensure accurate, up to date and functional mode of receiving payments at all times and for this purpose we currently recommend PAYPAL for transactions.
  • Any sum above £5 will be automatically paid to artistes within seven (7) days.
  • Artistes and uploaders must ensure they complete any financial settlements they owe to any other third parties without involving us in any disputes between you and any third party. You hereby agree to fully indemnify HRCMUSIC with regards to any ownership and copyright related matters and disputes that may arise as a result of your infringement.
  • Artistes and their representatives must ensure that the emails for the uploader are accurate and functional at all times.
  • HRCMUSIC will not be liable under any circumstances for any information you provide to us on our website. We bear no responsibility for the quality of your audio/video content.
  • If we incur any expenditure by way of fees or currency exchange discrepancies in our bid to relay payments to you, we reserve the unconditional right to deduct such expenditure from the payments due to you. In such case, we will endeavour to provide the relevant information by email to you within thirty (30) days from the moment of the transaction in question.
  • By uploading content on our website you directly permit HRCMUSIC to keep such content as evidence as well as advertise such content via digital format and printed photos/sketches on all collaborating media selected by us.
  • HRCMUSIC does not have any obligation to promote or monitor the progress of any content uploaded on our website. We do not confirm any warranties or guarantees for quality or functionality of our website although we will endeavour to maintain high standards for our platform. We will not be liable for any adverse consequences or losses resulting from diminished quality or malfunction of our website.
  • We reserve the unconditional right to cancel your account on our platform with or without notification. Although you may remove your account at any time - this action will be disabled pending a review of any outstanding payments. You must notify us about your intention to terminate your account with us by giving us a written notice and we can then confirm receipt of your notice and inform you, within thirty (30) days of receiving your written notice, about the concrete measures we must take to complete the termination of your account with us.
  • We reserve the unconditional right to terminate or suspend (temporarily or indefinitely) our website and in such cases you will not hold us liable in the event of losses of any nature incurred by you as a result of termination/suspension of our website/brand or due to activities of any third parties causing such termination/suspension of our services.
  • You and your representatives must check and agree with the terms and conditions of our services before undertaking any transactions or registering an account with us. Navigating our website, purchasing content and registering an account with us is tantamount to your agreement with our terms and conditions of service.
  • Any disputes prior to alteration of the terms and conditions by us will be considered under the version pertaining to such disputes.

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